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     Dianne J. Tyssen, of the Prestonville Cavalier King Charles Spaniels of Invercargill, NZ has more than two decades of interest in breeding, exhibiting & now judging.

After being involved with horses for a number of years and owning a Labrador, my husband and I decided we would like a small breed of dog, but one who was fit enough to come out on the farm with us. We liked the Cavaliers and decided they were the breed for us and in February 1973, after a 6 month wait we got Peaches, a blenheim bitch. We tried showing and got hooked. Unfortunately, Peaches did not make the grade show-wise, bearing a marked resemblance to that early model of the breed, Ann’s Son.

We looked for a suitable dog to correct her failings. However as we have since found out through experience, even the most perfect dog in the world
L'Janella with future Champions
L’Janella with future (left/right) Champions Shady Lady, Desperado & Prestonville Jive Talk’n (Mamma Mia not pictured) 
can’t improve everything in one foul swoop. We answered an advert in the paper “Wanted, good home for 18 months old Cavalier bitch” and gave a home to a rather portly, young, heavily marked Blenheim bitch. We showed her to the breeder of our first cavalier and he said that because her pedigree was so nice, we should breed from her.

However I could see her potential and after dieting and training she very quickly became Ch. Chievres Elizabethan, winning her 8th Challenge and Championship title under Mrs D Murray ‘Crustadele’ UK, at the Tiki CKCSC Championship Show in 1975.

Being novices at this dog breeding game, we read that one of the best matings you can do is grandfather to grand-daughter, so we did just that and got our first homebred Champions Prestonville L’Janella and L’Jamison. Janella was a well broken tricolour like her father and gave us many thrills in the show ring. She won Best in Show at Canterbury CKCSC under Lady Forward ‘Eyeworth’ UK, with her daughter Shady Lady winning Reserve Challenge and Puppy In Show! Prestonville Shady Lady was one of a litter of four, all of whom became champions—a first for Cavaliers in New Zealand. The other three were Mama Mia, Jive Talk’n, and Desperado (sired by Pantisa Guilini of Moerangi (UK) and all except Shady Lady, produced Champions for other kennels. We have recently titled Janella’s look-alike direct descendant, also a pretty, well broken Tricolour Aust/NZ Ch Prestonville Tri Flow’rs.
A/NZ Ch Prestonville Tri Flow'rs
A/NZ Ch Prestonville Tri Flow'rs
We mated Tri Flow'rs to a lovely young dog resident at our home Aust/NZ/USA Ch Elvenhome Geraldton (Imp Aust) to produce the Res cc winner under Geoffrey Porter UK Tri Power, and the cc winners Tri Gems (cc winner under Maurene Milton 'Fontelania' UK and Tri Pearls (now in Australia)

Tri Gems - co-owned with Ngaire Brown 'Prinzton' was mated to Ch Prestonville Pascali to produce US Ch Prestonville China Rose, to A/NZ/FINISH/DANISH/INT CH Deeriem Thelonius of Anncourt (UK-FIN) to produce US CH Prestonville Laurie, NZ Ch Prestonville Luukas with Prinzton and NZ Ch Prinzton Annukka - co-owned with Janine King. Luukas & Annukka are Specialty Best In Show winners, Luukas also an All Breeds Best In Show & Reserve BIS winner in 2005.

Although we started with blenheims, in ‘74, I saw Ch Chandlers Pharamond and Merne of Kormar who had just arrived from the United Kingdom and fell in love with wholecolours. Our first ruby Champion S’Dubious (the second New Zealand Ruby Champion) was sired by Merne out of a Aust Ch Pantisa Du Barry of Furbari (UK) daughter Morriston Shelah. S’Dubious sired Glengariff Bianca, an integral part of our breeding program. Bianca mated to Aust Ch Braganzar Pineas produced A/NZ Ch Philomela dam of Ch Prestonville Mona Mona
Ch Prestonville Mona Mona
CH Prestonville Mona Mona
Aust Ch Phantisy, dam of A/NZ Ch Phaedrus, sire of Ch Mona Mona and littersisters Lucille & Oprah, to Aust Ch Braganzar Hyperion Bianca produced A/NZ Ch Selene (dam of Ch’s Giv'm Sade & Classical), Helios and Eos (cc winners) and to NZ Ch Wertune Red Robin (UK) she produced Ch Red Rum sire of Ch Red Varlit and Ch Bosworth Red Fever.

Our Aust/NZ Ch Prestonville Blackmoor (Prestonville Viking x A/NZ Ch Prestonville Giv’m Sade’) a B/T is a son of the first Aust/NZ Champion from two Aust/NZ Champions and is a direct descendant of S’Dubious. Sade’s dam Selene was our first B/T Champion with Best in Show under Diana Schillizzi ‘Chacombe’ and Peggy Talbolt ‘Maxholt’, not only winning in the ring but producing the B/T half sisters Ch Prestonville Classical — winner of Best In Show at Canterbury CKCSC Championship Show under Rose Massey
Prestonville Lucille
Prestonville Lucille
‘Burleeds’ (Aust) - dam of Aust Ch Prestonville It’s Clasic, (sire of INT /Aust /Finnish / Gibralter / Danish Ch Prestonville ‘Aris Tweed now in UK) and Sade’ - Best in Show under Caroline Gillies ‘McGoogans’, John Fothergill and Maureen Milton ‘Fontelania’ all UK Specialist Judges at Cavalier Club Championship Shows. Sade was admired by many for her head and expression and her sudden passing at 6 years of age from a tumor in the spine devastated us and her co-owner Glenda Carter.

A/NZ Ch Prestonville Blackmoor
ANZ Ch Prestonville Blackmoor
We are only thankful we have her stunning B/T children Aust/NZ Ch Prestonville Blackmoor, Ch Glenncar Black Widow and Glenncar Black Velvet. Blackmoor and Black Widow are both multiple Best in Show winners at Cavalier Specialties. Blackmoor winning Challenges under John Evans ’Alansmere’, and Tracey Jackson 'Amantra' (Reserve Best in Show), Best in Show under Annukka Paloheimo “Anncourt’, Jeanie Montford ‘Elvenhome’, Maureen Milton ’Fontelania’ and Peter Watkins 'Bembridge'.
Ch Prestonville 'Aris Tweed
Aust/Finnish/Gibralter/Danish/Int CH Prestonville 'Aris Tweed
Blackmoor has produced the B/T Champions Prestonville Shotime, Prestonville Mor Beans, Aust Ch Elvenhome Reverly, USA Ch Glenncar Moor Like It, Aust Ch Cavtown Colour Othe Night, Ruby Ch Prestonville Moor Majic & Prestonville BuckskinBlen USA Ch Elvenhome Keep Going & US Ch Elvenhome Keep Hoping. Black Widow has emulated her brother winning Challenges and Best in Show under John Evans, Richard Gilmour Smith ’Farnesmere’, Res Best in Show under Pam Rooney “Highcurly’, Annukka Paloheimo ‘Anncourt’, Hilary McQuaid ’Hilarney’, Dennis Montford ’Braganzar’ and taken time out to produce the Specialist In Show winning youngsters Glenncar Mr Bunker and Glenncar Archies Girl. Black Velvet returned from Australia halfway to her title, to forfill maternity duties and has produced the Group winning Blenheim Japan Ch Prestonville Gift Wraptand A Ch Prestonville Xmas Gift. Velvet x Mor Beans combination produced - Prestonville Fireworks (exp USA) major pointed, and NZ Ch Prestonville Fireproof Fireproof & Aust Ch Glenncar Black Label. Fireproof winning Puppy in Show under Tracy Jackson 'Amantra' and cc & Puppy In Show under John Connell 'Portcon'. .
Nz Ch Glenncar Black Widow
NZ Ch Glenncar Black Widow
Some 52 Blenheims, 9 Tricolours, 11 Ruby’s and 17 Black/Tan’s later - 72 of them homebred, 26 with Aust/NZ titles totaling 90 Champions owned or bred, our most notable Specialty and All Breeds winner has been Aust/NZ Ch Prestonville Giv’m Beans who won Best In Show at CKCSC of Victoria under Alan Hall ’Alansmere’.
Winner of 8 Best In Shows  and 2 Reserve BIS All Breeds, Beans was also Best in Show at Tiki CKCSC and Res Best In Show at Canterbury CKCSC under Caroline Gillie-Compston 'McGoogans', retired from the ring at an early age due to teeth loss he continued delight us at home with his companionship and gentle ways.
Aust/NZ Ch Prestonville Giv'm Beans
Aust/NZ Ch Prestonville Giv'm Beans

We are forever indebted to Jeanie Montford 'Elvenhome' a very close friend of many years and talented breeder who's lines have combined so well with our own - who entrusted us with Bean's dam, the lovely Blenheim Aust Ch Elvenhome Tilt sired by one of the most handsome dogs I've seen, Aust Ch McGoogans Mayfly (Imp UK). Tilt's dam was the lovely Aust Ch Elvenhome Tassin a daughter of Aust Ch Homerbrent Tom Tom (Imp UK) who resided here in later years and sired four NZ Champions. We mated Tilt to NZ Ch Edenvalley Eadmund (imp Aust) (Braganzar Holland - B/T x Elvenhome Vogue - Blen) a very well broken Tricolour who I admired as a 10 mth old and when offered him two years later jumped at the chance.

With Eddie's colour heritage he has been of immense use in our breeding program, a B/T daughter New Penny of Rocheda (x A/NZ Ch Braganzar Isadora - B/T) producing the littermates Tricolour Aust/NZ Ch Prestonville Touchwood - sire of 5 Champions, the Blenheims Aust Ch Elvenhome Betulia Lutea (dam of A/NZ Ch Buckthorn) NZ Ch's Drakkar Diplomat & Debutant (both producers of Champions ), Ch Cranbrook Churchill and the Tricolour Ch Fellseton One N Only (dam of Ch Feldra Sugar N Spice) B/T Aust Ch Prestonville Tuchstone dam of Lucille & Oprah (dam of Ch Shotime )and Tri Prestonville Touche' dam of 4 Champions the blenheims  NZ Ch Prestonville Countaby (dam of A/NZ Ch Prestonville Glengary), A/NZ Ch Prestonville Glen Tuche', NZ Ch Grayson Glen Wylie and Aust Ch Prestonville Victoria.

Eddie had three impact matings they were to  Aust Ch Elvenhome Tilt - Blen, A/NZ CH Braganzar Isadorah - B/T  and the third was to Old Rowley Briar Rose - Tri which produced the tri colour littermates NZ CH Nidra Kings Ransome, CH Prestonville Pascali and Prestonville Rosemaree (dam of A/NZ CH Nidra Bucksworth, Thai CH Prestonville Worth Wyle, Aust Ch Prestonville Wyle U Wait & US Ch Envison Riverboat Gambler).

The inter mating of progeny of Eddie and Tilt, Isadorah & Briar Rose has produced some beautiful dogs such as A/NZ CH Elvenhome Buckthorn, A/NZ CH Prestonville Glengary, US/A/NZ CH Elvenhome Geraldton, CH Prestonville In Y'Dreams. Oh to have had the technology in NZ to have taken and stored his semen to have now.

Beans has given us two dynastys thru his daughters, the lovely B/T Aust/NZ Ch Prestonville Giv'm Sade' and blenheim half sister NZ Ch Harwarden Giv'm A Lady who are both multiple Best In Show winners at our NZ Cavalier Specialties. Lady won Best in Show under Peter Watkins 'Bembridge' , Anne Dobie Glengariff', Norma Inglis 'Craigowl', Kevin Berry 'Ricksbury' at age 11 yrs 9 mths'and produced 4 champions out of 6 in her last litter namely Aust/Japan Ch Prestonville Thorne, US Ch Prestonville Thornbird, A/NZ Ch Prestonville Dream Lady and NZ Ch Harwarden Blossom Lady all of whom have produced Champions. The litter was sired by Bean's grandson, the glamorous A/NZ Ch Elvenhome Buckthorn who we had the privilege of showing in NZ. Bean's Australian kids - littermates Aust/NZ Ch Elvenhome Glenbuck, & sisters Glenbreck & Glenbarr, Littermates A/NZ Ch Gaycrest Giv'm Victory, Aust Ch Giv'm Hi Marks and sisters Giv'm Joy & Aust Ch Furbari Fab Staya, the NZ's Littermates Ch's Redcrest Zanzibar & Zara have started dynasty's of their own producing many Champions of which we are justifiably proud.

Always the vocal extrovert Beans at 12 years still looked and acted like a youngster when he strutted his stuff in Veteran at the November O/S CKCSC Specialty in '97 to a round of applause. Sadly he passed away very quickly from renal failure in May '98.

We registered our 'Prestonville' prefix in 1974 and apart from the Cavaliers, have bred or owned 16 Griffon Bruxellois Champions, 9 Weimaraner Champions and 2 King Charles Spaniel Champions and 1 Border Terrier. For me a natural progression from exhibiting breeds in different groups was to judging them. I attained my judging licence in 1980 and my Championship Show licence for Toys in 1983, completing the last group Terriers in 1998 which culminated in my All Breeds Championship Licence being granted in January 1999. Judging has taken me throughout NZ, 7 Australian States, Hong Kong, Manila, USA and England. I have judged both Cavalier Specialties (NZ and USA) and Weimaraner Specialties (NZ & Australia). A personal highlight was judging and awarding Dog cc at Darlington UK in 1993 to Fontelania Dancing Sunset (3rd cc & title). In May 2006 I was invited to judge Cavalier Dogs at the American CKCSC National.

At Prestonville we have always tried to put 'the best to the best' irrespective of colour and with the help of some lovely cavaliers, we feel we have achieved a lot. Because of the limited genepool we have not kept the colours separate, but have incorporated all four in our breeding program, reasoning that if you keep the colours separate, you can quickly lose breed 'type' so we have aimed for 'type first, colour second' to a large extent very successfully mating all four colours together, producing Champions and Specialty winners in each colour. We look forward to the new Millennium and the challenges it will inevitably bring in consistently producing Cavaliers that 'delight the eye and are Spaniels Gentle and comforters'.